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The Next Retiree Appreciation Day will be September 27, 2014

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8 a.m. to 4 pm. Closed Holdiays

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Office: (609)562-2666

FAX: (609)562-5400

E-Mail: Retirement Services Officer

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Retirement Services Office

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Purpose: Provide information about benefits and entitlements to active duty Soldiers preparing for retirement and to retirees and familes.

Pre-Retirement Briefings: One-on-One individual Pre-Retirement briefings are by appointment only.

Retirement Ceremonies: Fort Dix provides individual personalized retirement ceremonies. We ensure that ceremonies reflect gratitude for the Soldier’s service to our nation.

Retiree Council Meetings: The Council meets quarterly, and all meetings are held on Saturdays.

Quarterly retirement Briefings call 609-562-2666 to sign up.

Survivor Benefit Plan: Call (609) 562-2666 for an appointment.

Pre-Retirement Services Post Retirement Services