Claims Advice for PCS moves

After the Move

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Unlike most civilian moves, where loss and damage must be noted immediately after delivery, Soldiers have 70 days to notify the local claims office of loss and damage. This means that after your household goods have been delivered, you have 70 days to unpack them and note any loss and damage on the reverse side of the pink form (the DD Form 1840R). Thoroughly inspect your items: turn on electrical items to ensure they still operate; open the jewel covers of your compact disks to ensure the disks are still there; check your figurines to ensure they are not chipped. At this point it is sufficient to state the general nature of the damage, such as stereo - does not work. There is no need to get a repair estimate at this stage.

You must turn in the reverse side of the pink form (the DD Form 1840R) to your nearest Army claims office within 70 days of the delivery of your household goods. Failure to do so will make it impossible for the claims office to collect from the carrier responsible for your loss. As a result, the claims office invariably will not pay you for any items that you failed to report within 70 days.

When you turn in your DD Form 1840R, the claims office will provide you with forms and information on filing your claim. At this point you will need to get repair estimates and other documentation to substantiate the amount of your loss. You have two years from the date of the original delivery (not from the date you turned in your DD Form 1840R) to file a claim. If you are late in filing your claim the government will not be able to pay you anything.

The Army claims system is designed to help you. However, you also have a responsibility to protect yourself. If you keep proper records of what you own and promptly document damages that occur during the move, you should be able to recover the fair value of your loss. If you have questions, your local transportation office and local claims office can provide the answers!

The U.S. Army Claims Service at Fort Meade, Maryland, supervises Army claims offices throughout the world.

For further assistance with claims, contact the claims office Monday – Friday, 609-562-6749.