Force Protection Links for Joint Base MDL/USASA-Fort Dix

Joint Base Police:

(609) 754-6001 or Emergencies 911

87th ABW OEM

(609) 754-6223

AF Office of Special Intel (OSI):

(609) 754-3353 / 2748

Army CID:

(609) 562-20699 / 2076

Army 902nd MI (APG, MD):


ASA Dix Sec Div:

(609) 562-3012/6858

ISalute Link

Fort Dix six art
ASA Fort Dix Barracks Access Control Measures

Random Antiterrorism Measures (RAMs)

Conduct random ID checks of personnel entering your barracks or living areas. Conduct random checks of your barracks / living areas for suspicious activity or items. Secure assigned GSA and military vehicles when not in use.