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The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security develops, coordinates and supervises plans, operations, training, and security matters.

Plans & Operations
Plans and Operations, DPTMS, supports the mobilization and demobilization processes and all mission activities. It is also responsible for coordinating security requirements and force protection.

Operations Center
The EOC executes command and control functions for daily and emergency operations, maintains situational awareness, and supports mobilization and demobilization. To contact the ASA-Dix EOC, call 609-562-3011.

Security and Intelligence Division
The division provides support and guidance to Civilians, Soldiers and Federal contractors assigned and/or mobilizing/demobilizing on/through Army Support Activity-Dix. We serve as a security support for Devens RFTA, MA,and units within the 5-9 area. We process Foreign Disclosure, Classified Contracts, security approval for Network access, SIPRNET instructions, AT/FP, AWOL apprehension, intelligence and other related security programs.

For details of using/scheduling ASA-Dix Fort Dix facilities review the JMMS Access Information Sheet

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