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Military Personnel Division

Actions/Operations Section:
Manages the Garrison military personnel strength and takes action to equitably distribute Soldiers. Monitors/manages readiness and conducts analyses, to include management of the Mobilization Cross-Leveling (MCL) system, and manage the personnel accounting program for officer and enlisted personnel.

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Automation Section
Monitors automated personnel accounting operations and audit reports. Analyzes and processes source data and documents required for maintenance of eMILPO files. Provides standard and special personnel data reports required by the installation command and staff. Provides monthly user performance reports, updates Department of the Army input to local systems and advises commander and staff on automated personnel data activities.

Customer Service:
Responds to all inquiries and requests for personnel service support under the Military Personnel Service Support (MPSS) Program. Controls visits to MPD elements by those requesting information or support to ensure maximum effectiveness of response by scheduling appointments, and referring unusual inquiries or requests to appropriate element. Generates Identification Tags by request.

In/Out processing section:
Provide central in and out-processing for all incoming and departing Soldiers and Family Members. Ensure all Soldiers are In/out-processed IAW AR 600-8-101.

Officer/Enlisted Personnel Management Section:
Maintains manual and automated personnel records of permanent party officer and enlisted personnel including ERB and ORB. Perform annual review of Records of Emergency Data (DD Form 93) and Service member's Group Life Insurance election (SGLV).

Personnel Reassignment:
Prepare/Process assignment instructions issued by HQDA. Conducts qualification screening for special instructions, medical, dental, security clearance and service obligation; initiates transfer actions as required. Process Temporary Change of Station (TCS) orders. Process applications for Concurrent Travel and assists in obtaining travel clearances.

Promotion Section:
Screens, verifies, and identified selected Soldiers for promotion to the next higher grade under the Centralized Promotion System.

Transition Center:
To provide the highest quality separation processes to Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers in our community. This includes the timely and accurate preparation of DD Form 214's (Certificate of Release or Discharge from active duty) and the publishing of all separation orders.

Call the main number at (609) 562-3306.